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Two excursions are offered on the first come first served basis. Their reservation should be therefore done asap via the Indico Registration page. The first excursion, a mud flat excursion, is probably the best known in Texel. During low tide, one can walk on the bottom of the sea where a few hours later you will only see water. The guides will help you looking for creatures in the mud, feel how the flats pull on your boots, experience the vastness, the smell, the sounds of the sea floor. This excursion takes about 2 hours and you are require to have boots of surf shoes. The activity does not require any special training but please keep in mind that walking in the mud can take some of your energy ;-).

The second excursion is an excursion in the "swamp". More details can be found here

Things To Do On the Texel Island

Texel is the first of a chain of North Sea islands that extends from north of the mainland town of Van Helder and runs in a flowing line towards Denmark (the Wadden islands). Texel is full of sea and surf life. In addition, low tides expose the sea floor, and you can take a tour to see the exposed sea life. More information can be found here.

The resort has a holiday village with a structure made of villas and single and double usage cottages built around a central area that includes few restaurants, bowling, two bars, large indoor swimming pool and a market with ATM included.